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Hydro dermabrasion & oxygen infusion facial

60 Min $175 Cleanse - Exfoliates - Extracts - Hydrates - Infuses - Glow

Are you ready to glow? Pink Theory Spa advanced intra-dermal infusion skin treatment could create an instantly gratifying glow! The Hydrodermabrasion facial is a aqua skin resurfacing treatment integrates vacuum extraction, exfoliation, hydration and iontophoresis (serum infusion). The procedure uses crushed diamond tips as method of exfoliating the first the outermost skin layer, with a surface composed mostly of dead skin cells. As this layer is stripped away, the body races to replace removed cells with new, healthy skin cells, thereby improving the appearance of imperfections such as wrinkles and lines. The surface of the skin also feels smoother and firmer. More treatments continue to increase the visible health of skin. Unlike standard microdermabrasion, which uses a tool that lifts up the skin layer and create swelling, hydro-dermabrasion is crystal-free procedure which performs comfortable and pain-free aqua peeling treatments suitable for all skin types. Also suitable for sensitive skin, especially during the dry seasons.

Furthermore, hydrodermabrasion works effectively for those suffers from acne, blemishes, pore congestion to clean pores, comedones, and blackheads. The hydro-peel wand can be operated repeatedly on the T-zone area, and repeated procedures are very helpful in extracting blackheads from pores without over-peeling the skin. The surrounding serum also helps soften pores, making the extraction easier. Once pores are cleared and shrunk, there is a significantly lesser risk of comedones reappearing, and skin texture becomes smoother and younger-looking.

Package of 5 -$700

Microderma-brasion Facial

50 Min $150

This deep exfoliation resurfacing treatment offers many benefits to all skin types. Though the use of gentle diamond head method gently removes the upper layer of dead skin cells, encouraging healthy cell rejuvenation with no downtime. Skin will softer and fresher than you have ever thought possible. For best results, it's recommended you get a series of treatments.

Package: 5 treatments for $600

Teen Clinical Acne Facial

45 Min $80

It is never too early to learn the proper steps to maintain beautiful, youthful skin. A valuable educational experience for all teens. This Spa Dolce facial addresses important aspects of cleansing, exfoliating and protection from the damaging effects of the sun. Provides particularly good results for teens prone to acne breakouts.

Package 5 for $320

Corrective Face Resurfacerl

45 Min $80
  • Glycolic Acid Resurfacers :

    Turn back the hands of time with this incredibly rich plant stem cell treatment. Idea for clients in need of relief from both external and internal aging concerns. Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores. Restores normal cell turnover to reveal a brighter complexion. Channels energy into sluggish skin for a regenerated barrier.

  • Pumpkin Resurfacers:

    Combat aging concerns with this advanced resurfacing treatment using pumpkin pulp, beta and alpha hydroxy acids. Improves sun damage for more youthful, even-looking skin. Effectively exfoliates and hydrates. Scavenges free radicals. Subdues persistent acne conditions.

  • Salicylic Resurfacers :

    Take your anti-acne ambitions to the next level and help stop acne-causing oil in its tracks. Salicylic Acid effectively exfoliates the skin by controlling congestion and relieving inflammation. Reduces inflammation and soothes irritation. Softens impactions associated with acnes. Dissolves oil and buildup. Addresses acne breakouts directly.

  • MangoBrite Resurfacers:

    Improves pigmentation concerns for a more even skin stone. Restores hydration for parched skin. Gently retextures the skin. Provides an instant glow. Best for lifeless skin with hormonal breakout. ​

Package 5 for $320

Chemical Peels

45 Min $195

Exfoliate, tighten & thicken the skin by stimulating the production collagen & elastin. Anyone who wishes to have a chemical peel should have a consultation with our skin specialist prior to booking so you can speak about your skin "problem areas" & then together we can advise the right course of treatment for your skin tyle & condition. A peel candidate may have concerns such as the following: Aging,Photo Damage,Pigmentation,Oily Skin and Acne Scars

Package: 3 treatments for $525

Jan Marini Proteolytic Enzyme Facial

50 minutes $135

The Jan Marini Proteolytic Enzyme facial is a customized blend of relaxing techniques with medical grade products. We begin with a targeted double cleansing of the skin, to prepare it for an enzyme exfoliation. Extractions are applied as needed. We follow it with a luxurious Micro mask, and a light shoulder and neck massage. We end it with a potent blend of serums, eye cream, moisturizers and sunscreen. You will see an immediate improvement in skin texture and clarity, with skin appearing smoother and more.

Package of 5 -$540

Jan Marini C-ESTA® Facial

50 minutes $135

Get your daily dose of Vitamin C with this C-Esta facial packed with vitamins and antioxidants to fight free radical damage and erase the signs of aging for a more youthful complexion. The C-ESTA Facial will provide instant visible results. Skin will appear smoother, brighter, suppler, firmer and lifted with a more defined facial contour.

Package of 5 -$540

Jan Marini Luminate Facial

50 minutes $135

Visibly improve the appearance of skin tone, texture and luminosity with a unique combination of lactic and mandelic acid, brightening technologies and antioxidants. Uncover vibrant skin by revealing a brighter, more even skin tone and youthful appearance.

Package of 5 -$540

Jan Marini Retinol Plus® Facial

60 minutes $150

The Retinol Plus Facial utilizes the highest concentration of retinol and multiple advanced technologies for enhanced resurfacing and skin refining effects. This corrective facial will provide immediate visible skin retexturization and refinement, greater smoothness and hydration, and will assist in helping to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne, sun damage and facial discoloration.

Package of 5 -$600

Oxygen Waterful Lifting

75 minutes $225

A clinical treatment that includes four progressive steps that work in synergy to cleanse, hydrate, and revitalize, and firm the skin.

Perfect before a special event, wedding or public appearance. Improves the appearance of lines and wrinkles, moisturizes and improves the skin’s elasticity for a more radiant skin, and moisturizes and rejuvenates the look of the skin.

Package of 5 $900

Red Light Therapy Treatment

60 Min $195

LED therapy, devices send light waves deep into the skin to trigger natural intracellular reactions. With the red, your skin responds by building, strengthening, and maximizing cellular structure. Red light is also believed to target oil glands to reduce cytokines, which cause inflammation and play a role in chronic acne, all without damaging the skin.

  • Smooths fine lines and wrinkles.Reduces inflammation
  • Improves acne scars.
  • Prevents breakouts by killing the acne-causing bacteria. Promotes circulation.
  • Stimulates collagen production. Brightens skin.
Package of 5 -$780
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